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The Real Deal.,Tarp hats, bags and accessories



Real Deal Tarp Hat
Real Deal hats just aren't like other hats. They're recycled and rugged, even a bit ragged. And if we do say so ourselves, they're also pretty freakin' righteous.

The reclaimed Brazilian truck tarp at the heart of our hats, having been battered and beaten in its former life by all manner of harsh road and climate conditions across the vast expanses of Brazil, can lead to wide variations in color and overall appearance, sometimes even within the same hat! Fraying of the heavy fabric is common, and likewise holes and stains, with patches of tarp scraps heavily stitched on as needed, though also frequently just for looks. While much more rare, some RDB hats even have bits of Portuguese writing or trucking-company logos stamped upon them in thick black ink.

50.00 includes Shipping- Canada



Real Deal pretty ugly hat

Pretty? Ugly? Neither? Both?

Sun hat? Garden hat? Beach hat? Travel hat? Fishing hat? Do-Any-Dang-Thing Hat?

Any, and all, of the above! This floppy version of our original Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp head-topper is pretty much whatever you want it to be. Stuff it in a pocket, chuck it in a travel bag, toss it in a corner, step on it, stomp on it, kick it — with no wire in its brim, there's no worries of ever bending this hat out of shape!

As with our better known wide-brimmed original, the Pretty Ugly is handcrafted in rural Brazil from recycled truck tarps, meaning it carries the same distinctive markings, patches, stains, frays and occasional ink marks as our celebrated original.

It's pretty. It's ugly. It's Pretty Ugly. And it's all the Real Deal!

40.00 includes Shipping Canada


Real deal tarp Ball Cap
A ball cap is a ball cap is a ball cap, right?

Wrong! Handmade from the same wildly weathered recycled Brazilian truck tarps as our original Real Deal Brazil hats, this inspired take on the American head-hugging standard is casual headwear that's way beyond the ordinary.

Our Tarp Ball Cap's crown, slightly shallower than a standard baseball cap, is heavily stitched from six separate triangular panels of recycled tarp, often of very different shades. An elastic sweatband and a hook-and-loop adjustable strap ensure a custom fit, while five small metal grommets aid ventilation and, along with the metal button at the very top, further boost this all-purpose hat's uncommon character.

Tarp Ball Cap is one-size-fits-all.

30.00 includes shipping Canada


Cuba Libre real deal hat, canada
Meet the new El Jefe of headwear, una revolución in hat style! The Cuba Libre.

Named for the trendy mixed drink pairing potent Caribbean rum with good ol' American Coca-Cola, plus an essential splash o' lime juice, the tasty new hat brings to mind the signature straight-topped military cap of a certain notoriously bearded, cigar-chomping, former-rebel Cuban leader whose headwear choice is destined to go down in history far more positively than his decades of coup-launched autocratic domination over his island home.

As with the now-ex Presidente's signature head-topper, the brim of the Cuba Libre is wider than that of a standard ball cap. But from there, the Real Deal starts adding their own Coca-Cola to the Caribbean mix: Unlike the iconic Cuban military hat, the Cuba Libre's brim is slightly narrow, and more rounded than it is square, while thehat's high crown, rather than being flat and rigid up-top, is looser and a bit curved, for a more relaxed fit.




Real Deal wind strap

So you love your Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp hat about as much as one human being can love a hat, huh? Trouble is, strong winds and deep water can take quite a shine to your uncommon head-topper as well. And when Mother Nature puts her mind to it and those two elements combine, you may find yourself all too suddenly mourning the permanent loss of your beloved rugged headwear.

To put it simply, if your RDB blows off your head and lands in the drink, that's likely the last you'll ever see of it. Made as it is from heavy, tightly stitched cotton canvas, your one-of-a-kind tarp hat is gonna sink, like a stone. We've heard way too many sad stories of drowned RDBs never to rise again from their watery graves.

So in response to the pressing need to help protect your headwear from an untimely end in the clutches of some blustery gust, we offer the Real Deal Brazil Hat Hitch Wind Strap. It's inexpensive, simple and quick to attach to your hat, and then as easy to remove when you want to again go, y'know, strapless.

How simple? Just run each end of the soft leather through one of your original RDB hat's back grommets, from the inside out. Next, feed the strap-ends back through their respective front grommets, pulling down on the two dangling strips to where the exposed straps on the outside of the hat crown become flush with the fabric. Lastly, put on your trusty hat, tucking the back end of the strap behind your head, and thread each of the strap-ends through one of the two holes of the adjustable spring-loaded slider, snugging the strap up against your chin.

And just like that, your hat is no longer a potential playing for that greedy, greedy wind!

10.00 Includes Shipping Canada



The real Deal hat band

Our distinctive hats don't need no help in the rough-'n'-rugged department, but for a bit of snazzy, exotic flair, our Brazilian coconut hat bands will get you there! Cut from otherwise-wasted husks of used coconuts and tumble-polished to smoothness, these handmade bands of Earth-friendly hat-brim bling are rich with the quirky charms of natural coconut wood.
Hear the wind whistling through the palm leaves yet?

12.00 Includes shipping Canada


Olinda Tote

Real deal tarp bag, Olinda Tote

Olinda (oh-LEEN-da) · With its outside flap, pouch and pocket, this sporty tote is designed for a lifestyle that just won't quit. To the beach! To the bookstore! To the market! To the café!

The ample main compartment features a zippered pocket and handy magnetic-button closing.

Dimensions: 14.25 inches high × 13 inches wide × 4 inches deep

95.00 Includes shipping Canada


Belem Backpack
Real deal Belam Backpack, canada
Belem (beh-LEHM) A conventional style backpack, but way beefier, way tougher - and way, way cooler, too! With its wide front-zippered flap, two front pockets and atypical inside divider (of recycled-tarp, of course), the Belem is backwear that won't back down.

Dimensions: 16 inches high x 11.5 inches wide x 9 inches deep

Top Front Pocket: 9.25" W x 6" H

Bottom Left Pocket: 8.125" W x 6.25" H

Bottom Right Pocket: 4.25" W x 6" H

100.00 Includes shipping Canada


Real Deal Messenger Bag
Real Deal Brazil Messanger Bag
Iguape (e-GWA-peh) · The primo attaché for the gentleman of adventurous leisure, or the femme sophisticate of unbridled derring-do! This weathered beauty of a bag blends the efficiency and sleekness of the over-the-shoulder courier style with the rich ruggedness of the Real Deal Brazil brand.

Briefcase + backpack + recycled tarp = one mean messenger bag!

Dimensions: 11.5 inches high × 14 inches wide × 2.5 inches deep

125.00 Includes shipping Canada


Recife Duffle Bag

Real Deal Recife Dufel Bag, Canada
Recife (ray-CEE-fay) · Hardier than any airport baggage handler! With side and front pockets and three overlapping front zippered flaps for maximized space, this duffle is designed durable for real life.

And yes, it really does look exceptionally freakin' cool, thank you!

Dimensions: 9 inches high × 20.5 inches wide × 8.5 inches deep

(3) Front Flaps: 7" W x 7" H

Large Front & Back Pockets: 15.5" W x 8" H

(2) Side Pockets: 8.5" W x 10" H

135.00 Includes shipping Canada


Taiba Tote bag
Real Deal Taiba Tote
Taiba (TIE-buh) · A hurricane-tough beach-style tote.

The functional no-frills design includes a wide outside pouch on one side perfect for a book or magazine, while the generous main compartment has a zippered pocket and magnetic-button closing.

Dimensions: 13 inches high × 15 inches wide × 6.5 inches deep

75.00 includes shipping Canada


Natal Purse
Real Deal Tarp Purse
Natal (NAH-tau) · A compact purse with a style that's unapologetically uncompromising, featuring button and zipper pockets, plus side pouches perfect for many handheld electronic devices. Your girlfriends ain't got nothin' like this weathered little prize!

Dimensions: 7 inches high × 13 inches wide × 3 inches deep

75.00 Includes shipping Canada


Real Deal Bi-Fold Wallet
Bariri (buh-REAR-ee) · If your favorite faded, frayed old pair of jeans could pick the wallet it wanted for itself, this would surely be it! The Real Deal Brazil Bariri Bi-Fold Wallet has the look and feel of a life fully lived long before it ever takes up residence in your own back pocket. Your hip's gonna feel all the hipper for it.

Handcrafted rough-and-tumble in rural equatorial Brazil from the same recycled-truck-tarp canvas as our signature hats and bags, the Real Deal Brazil Bariri Bi-Fold Wallet is the very definition of uncompromising durability, in a style that's also the very antithesis of style. With a main money compartment and four slots for a few essential cards, this is the classic billfold stripped down to as functional as functional gets.

Looking for a frou-frou wallet? Look somewhere else.

27.00 Includes shipping Canada


Real Deal Tri-Fold Wallet
Bauru (baw-ROO) · No frills functionality, plus that same rough-and-tumble look and feel you've come to expect from the Real Deal Brazil.

Our Bauru Tri-Fold Wallet is the primo back-pocket companion for the intrepid adventurer, ready to tackle whatever even the very backside of life can dish out! This tough heavy-canvas billfold, handcrafted rugged from recycled cargo-truck tarps in Brazil, is overflowing with bring-it-on attitude, regardless of whether it's always overflowing with cash as well.

With four slots for all those cards you carry, plus a center sleeve for an ID or small photo, the Real Deal Brazil Bauru Tri-Fold Wallet sports a streamlined style that says: I got just what I need, now get out of my way and lemme get where I'm going. I've got some serious living to do, bub!

27.00 Includes shipping Canada



More products will be added soon so stay tuned!

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The Real Deal.,Tarp hats, bags and accessories